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Iron and Steel Trading Company - YOUNG STEEL CO., LTD.

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About us

Flexible organizational strength to the world to its maximum.

Young Steel Co., Ltd is the import and export window of various steel products manufactured by Japan steel manufacturers. Ever since the establishment, we have maintained and developed the trading business in both domestic and overseas markets. These steel materials are supplied to nations around the world, especially Korea, China, and India, etc.

To provide quality services to customers, professionals must have in-depth knowledge of the industries and markets in which clients operate. Our steel division and overall employees combine the knowledge and resources to provide clients with comprehensive and sound advices in diverse areas through global network, distribution channel, and cost effective performance.

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Message from President & CEO Choi and Sang Young is published.

Corporate philosophy that is a mental prop of the entire various activities is published.

Introduce the outline data. It is published to be capital and to compose the director in the trade name and year of establishment.

The one that the constitution of the director composition of our company etc. was shown in the figure is published.

The sales transition from 2005 our company to the first term is published with the graph.


Comments or questions regarding, or requesting information regarding the trading products or business.

YOUNG STEEL Co.,Ltd. Contact by TEL/FAX, TEL:03-5511-1611 FAX:03-5511-1612


As a key industry in the nation, the automobile industry has shown rapid changes in technology, increased regulation, and has been accelerating globally...

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